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Meet Our Exceptional Team

Welcome To The Heart Of Gomez Coffie Law, Where A Constellation Of Legal Brilliance Illuminates The Dutch Caribbean’s Legal Skies. Our Team Is Not Just A Group Of Lawyers; We Are Pioneers, Thinkers, And Problem-Solvers, Each Bringing A Rich Tapestry Of Experience And Knowledge To The Forefront Of Legal Innovation.

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Gomez Coffie Law promises to innovate and transform the legal landscape.

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One of the world’s most the dynamics capitals

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One of the world’s most the dynamics capitals

Diverse Expertise, United Vision

At Gomez Coffie Law, diversity is our cornerstone. Our team is composed of adept legal professionals, each with a unique story and specialized expertise. From the intricate intricacies of corporate law to the dynamic realm of intellectual property, our attorneys embody a comprehensive understanding of various legal fields. This diversity ensures that no matter the complexity of your legal challenges, we have the expertise to navigate them with precision and insight.

A Symphony of Skills and Perspectives

Every team member at Gomez Coffie Law is a maestro in their respective domain. Their individual skills harmonize to create a formidable force capable of addressing the most intricate legal matters. Whether it’s navigating the nuances of local business laws or crafting global intellectual property strategies, our team’s collective experience enriches our firm’s capacity to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Commitment to Excellence and Personalization

What truly sets us apart is our unified commitment to excellence. Each attorney at Gomez Coffie Law is dedicated not just to legal proficiency but to forging a deeper connection with our clients. Our multilingual capabilities in English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Papiamento are not mere communication tools; they are bridges that connect us with our clients’ diverse backgrounds and needs.

Your Legal Champions in the Dutch Caribbean

At Gomez Coffie Law, we don’t just represent you; we champion your cause. Our team’s unparalleled dedication, combined with our collective expertise, ensures that your legal journey with us is not only successful but also a uniquely personalized experience.

Discover Legal Excellence with Us

Embark on a journey of legal discovery with the team at Gomez Coffie Law. Here, your legal challenges find solutions, your concerns find understanding, and your goals find champions.

Bryan Coffie


Legal Experience Dedicated to Resolving your Legal Problems

Meet Bryan Coffie, a distinguished partner at Gomez Coffie Law, whose reputation as an exceptional litigator echoes throughout the Dutch Caribbean. Bryan’s unique blend of calm demeanor, disciplined approach, and martial arts mastery makes him a formidable presence in any legal arena. As a certified mediator and adept negotiator, his skills extend far beyond the courtroom, ensuring effective and amicable resolutions.

Educational Background and Legal Expertise

Bryan’s legal journey began at the University of Aruba, where he honed his skills and knowledge. Admitted to the Bar in Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, and other Dutch Caribbean regions, his expertise encompasses a wide array of litigation fields. From employment to civil, construction, administrative, criminal defense, and Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML/CTF) laws, Bryan’s proficiency is as diverse as it is deep.

A Career Defined by Versatility and Dedication

Bryan’s experience transcends traditional legal practice. His background in National Security matters adds a unique dimension to his legal acumen. As a labor law lecturer and editor of labor law publications, he continually contributes to the legal community, sharing his knowledge and insights.

Multilingual Abilities and Global Perspective

Fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamento, Bryan’s multilingual capabilities are a testament to his ability to connect with a diverse clientele. This linguistic proficiency, coupled with his global perspective, makes him an invaluable asset to both local and international clients.

Experience the Expertise of Bryan Coffie

Under Bryan’s guidance, Gomez Coffie Law offers a diverse range of legal services. Our expertise spans Corporate Law, Labor Law, Civil Litigation, and Intellectual Property, catering to the nuanced needs of our clients. Our team’s approach to Real Estate, Insolvency, and Family Law matters is marked by diligence, professionalism, and a steadfast commitment to excellence to help you solve your legal problems.

Discover the strategic solutions and unparalleled legal guidance that Bryan Coffie and the team at Gomez Coffie Law provide.

Edward Fowler

of counsel

A Beacon of Legal Scholarship and Leadership

Edward Fowler, affectionately known as “Shon Benki” among peers and juniors, is the epitome of a scholar and a gentleman. Serving Of Counsel at Gomez Coffie, Benki Fowler’s illustrious career spans significant roles in both public and private sectors. As the former head of Aruba’s inheritance tax inspectorate and a notable figure in banking, his expertise is both broad and deep.

A Versatile Career and Legal Acumen

Benki’s involvement in complex trial preparations and his role as an in-house judge underscore his extensive legal acumen. His advisory work in legislative matters further cements his status as a legal virtuoso, capable of navigating the most intricate legal challenges.

Mentorship and Business Development

At Gomez Coffie, Benki’s contributions go beyond legal advisement. He is a mentor and business development leader, guiding the firm with his wisdom and experience. His esteemed character and expertise not only enrich the firm’s capabilities but also inspire and elevate the next generation of legal professionals.

Experience the Expertise of Edward 'Shon Benki' Fowler

Join us at Gomez Coffie Law to experience the unparalleled legal guidance and mentorship of Edward ‘Shon Benki’ Fowler, a true scholar and gentleman in the legal field.

Lincoln D. Gomez


A Pinnacle of Legal and Financial Expertise

Lincoln D. Gomez stands as a pillar of legal expertise at Gomez Coffie Law, renowned for advising governments, state-owned entities, multinationals, major banks, and leading figures in the oil and gas industry. With over 25 years of experience, Lincoln has masterfully managed aviation finance transactions exceeding a billion dollars, showcasing his unparalleled skill in high-stakes environments.

Educational Excellence and Professional Acumen

Armed with LL.M. degrees in International Tax and Financial Services from the University of Aruba and Thomas Jefferson University. He has also undergone training at Wharton’s School of Business. Lincoln’s educational background is as impressive as it is diverse. His knowledge extends beyond traditional legal boundaries, offering clients a multidimensional approach to complex legal and financial challenges.

A Distinguished Author and Athletic Achiever

Lincoln’s intellectual contributions to the legal field are marked by his prolific writing, with several books and over 150 articles on various subjects under his belt. His dynamic personality extends to athletics, boasting achievements like a speed triathlon, reflecting his dedication and discipline in all endeavors.

Leadership and Community Involvement

His leadership roles, including former president of the Aruba Bar Association, vice-president of the Aruba Financial Center Association, and Board Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, demonstrate his commitment to shaping and enhancing the legal and financial landscapes.

Experience the Expertise of Lincoln D. Gomez

We are particularly adept in handling specialized areas such as Aircraft Finance and Maritime Litigation, addressing the unique challenges of our international clientele. Discover the depth and breadth of Lincoln D. Gomez’s expertise at Gomez Coffie Law, where his experience, knowledge, and leadership contribute to a legacy of legal excellence.

Fatima Habibe

Corporate & Trademark Administrator

The Heart of Teamwork and Trademark Expertise

Meet Fatima Habibe, the Corporate & Trademark Administrator at Gomez Coffie, whose professional journey is marked by extensive experience in the trust sector and trademark management. Fatima’s presence at the firm is much more than her role; she is the cornerstone of team building, bringing a calm, serene, and spiritual essence that significantly enhances our work environment.

Multilingual Proficiency and AML Expertise

A vital asset to the firm’s diverse operations, Fatima is multilingual, fluently speaking Portuguese, Dutch, English, Spanish, and French. Her skills extend to specialized areas like Anti-Money Laundering and counter-terrorism financing, adding depth to her versatile capabilities.

Fostering Harmony and Effectiveness

Fatima’s unique demeanor not only fosters a harmonious atmosphere but also drives effective collaboration and teamwork. Her influence is a beacon of tranquility in the dynamic world of corporate and trademark law.

Discover the Expertise of Fatima Habibe

Experience the blend of expertise and harmony that Fatima Habibe brings to Gomez Coffie Law.

Aroon Gonesh

A Dynamic and Internationally Minded Lawyer in the Netherlands

Aroon Gonesh is an experienced lawyer in the Netherlands with an internationally renowned commercial law firm. Aroon is a member of the Netherlands Bar. Aroon also has a legal practice in Suriname (South America) from where he advises Surinamese – and other South American – clients. Years ago, Gomez Coffie Law and Aroon Gonesh entered into a successful partnership with the aim of jointly handling certain international cases (not only litigation and arbitration, but also by providing legal advice). In addition to handling a wide range of corporate and commercial contract law, landlord and tenant law and employment law, Aroon also focuses on white collar criminal law and has a strong reputation in the world of the oil and gas industry. Aroon’s legal knowledge and experience, gained in a number of high profile cases in the Netherlands, as well as his practical approach, make him a valuable asset to Gomez Coffie. Aroon leads a team of specialised lawyers and is known for his solution-oriented strategies. His comprehensive legal approach strongly influences his work and demonstrates his ability to tackle complex legal challenges.

Discover the legal expertise of Aroon Gonesh

Contact Gomez Coffie Law and experience the exceptional legal advice of Aroon Gonesh.

Aroon Gonesh

A Dynamic Force in Transactional and Litigation Law

Aroon Gonesh, an esteemed attorney from the University of Leiden, enriches Gomez Coffie Law through their collaboration, with his expertise honed through high-profile cases in the Netherlands. Specializing in both transactional and litigation law, his practice has a notable presence in Suriname, South America.

Expertise Recognized by the Dutch Bar Association

Aroon’s skills span diverse legal areas including business, tenancy, labor, and financial-economic criminal law. Recognized by the Dutch Bar Association, his dynamic and effective approach in law is well-regarded.

Leadership and Solution-Oriented Strategies

Leading a team of specialized legal professionals, Aroon is known for his solution-oriented strategies. His comprehensive legal approach significantly impacts his work, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex legal challenges.

Discover the Legal Prowess of Aroon Gonesh

Join us at Gomez Coffie Law and experience the exceptional legal guidance offered by Aroon Gonesh.