The labor laws in Aruba are specific to the country and differ significantly from labor laws in the USA, the region, and Europe. Gomez Coffie has a track record of successful labor law litigation. They also assist companies in an advisory capacity to ensure compliance, mitigate the risk of litigation and assist in collective labor matters. Bryan Coffie is a co-author of the labor law handbook in Aruba used by the legal community and HR departments. He is a lecturer on labor laws and frequently writes about labor law developments on social media.

Civil litigation & arbitration

Litigation on civil matters requires a thorough understanding of the applicable laws, the ability to dissect the matter at hand, analyze this and develop a unique strategy to present the client’s position in a clear and concise manner to the courts. Gomez Coffie lawyers have been handling complex litigation and arbitration cases over the last 20 plus years. In some instances in cooperation with law firms based in the Netherlands, the USA, Lat-Am and the Far East.

Aircraft Registration & Finance

Gomez Coffie lawyers have been involved with aircraft registration and financing transactions representing clients from all over the world in Aruba for the last 20 plus years. In addition to playing a key advisory role in regard to the accession of Aruba to the Cape Town Convention and the Mobile Protocol, it has also been instrumental in promoting regulations for the benefit of the aviation industry of Aruba. Business jet owners, operators and financiers know to look for Gomez Coffie when their high valued assets are at stake. Lincoln Gomez is passionate about aviation matters and has a track record of successful repossessions in Aruba and he has been involved in over US$ 1B in aircraft financing transactions.

Maritime litigation and ship arrest

Aruba’s close proximity to the oil-rich coast of Venezuela and Aruba’s position as a bunkering, lightering, ship repair and maintenance area, creates a lot of activity in maritime-related matters. Gomez Coffie lawyers are well versed in arresting ships as well as rescuing ships that have been arrested without proper cause.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property matters involving trademark registration, enforcement, infringement, copyright infringement and other I.P. related disputes in Aruba and the other Dutch Caribbean jurisdictions. We work closely with corporate executives to make sure a company’s trademark and copyrights are properly registered and protected. For more information on our I.P.-practice, you can also visit:

Corporate law

Gomez Coffie provides transactional and advisory support to financial institutions and corporations from all business sectors. We advise on all types of domestic, cross-border deals, as well as on corporate governance and regulatory issues.The firm has assisted a large number of international companies doing business in and with Aruba.

Real estate

Gomez Coffie has a unique mix of know-how and experience handling real estate matters in Aruba and over the years have been involved in complex real estate transactions that have resulted in developments that nowadays adorns Aruba’s beaches, downtown commercial areas and many other prime real estate locations. We have also assisted private and HNI’s with the acquisition of their dream home in Aruba.

Start-ups, energy & innovation

Lincoln Gomez has played a key role in the liberalisation of the telecommunications market of Aruba during the early days of the millennium. This contribution unequivocally sparked and acted as a catalyst for the telecommunications infrastructure available today on the island. Since then the firm has continued to be in the forefront of technical innovation on the island in the areas of: securities, energy and start-ups. Lincoln was part of a group selected by the Government of Aruba to draft a post Covid-19 recovery plan.

Medical Cannabis

Leveraging backgrounds one one extensive pharmaceutical litigation, biochemistry background and legislative drafting skills Gomez Coffie has been the primary advisor to the Ministry of Health and has advised on both the import & sale of CBD products starting in 2020, advisory of the set-up of the Medical Cannabis Bureau of Aruba as well advising on further CBD framework regulation to be implemented.

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